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Today there is a constant demand for improving and streamlining water and energy infrastructure in factories, hotels, nursing homes and commercial buildings and more…

Treatment of cooling towers:

HYDROFLOW systems are installed on the tower's circulating water and treat limescale, algae and pollution reduction.

This treatment results in a significant reduction in the amount of forced drainage, significant water saving, energy saving, reduced use of chemicals, and reduced maintenance costs.

Treatment of water heating systems:

Water heating systems use a number of different methods such as heat pumps, electric heaters and heat exchangers.

All of these deal with malfunctions resulting from limescale and increased energy consumption as a result. In addition, part of the requirements of world health organizations is the treatment of bacteria and legionella in closed systems.
HYDROFLOW technology treats limescale physically without the need to add substances and significantly reduces the chance of bacterial contamination and even directly affects Legionella.

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