Physical treatment of tartar without contact with water

HYDROFLOW Israel is proud to present advanced technology from the world leaders.
HYDROFLOW technology is protected as a unique and environmentally friendly global patent that grants a score under the Israeli standard for green construction 5281, which was originally designed to address scale-related problems in various systems from the creator of Hydropath Technology.
After many years of extensive international research, Hydropath Technology has developed a world-leading technology, which provides chemical-free solutions to a wide range of industries.

We encounter limescale hazards in many places in our lives, and they cause a costly economic price and accumulative damage.
Our technology minimizes operating and maintenance costs in a wide range of areas: green building, industrial and commercial kibbutzim agriculture and sewage, swimming pools and more.
Our professional team brings with it accumulated experience of many years and daily acquaintanceship with the field. We will be happy to be at your service and tailor the most accurate and effective solution for you.

Our Advantages

Energy and water savings

No wear and tear or routine maintenance

Provides a score in the Green Building Standard 5281

Without direct contact with water


How does Hydroflow technology treat scale in various water systems?

Minerals such as calcium and magnesium (scale factors) are found as solids dissolved in our water in their natural state

When there is a change in water temperature or pressure, the minerals crystallize as hard scale in the systems and water lines.

In the presence of the signal of the Hydroflow mineral system clinging to clusters / crystallization nuclei.

Once crystallized the clusters become stable crystals of calcite that do not form a hard layer of scale in the systems and water lines.

How does Hydroflow technology remove existing scale?

  • In the presence of the signal of the Hydroflow mineral system clinging to clusters / crystallization nuclei.
  • Once crystallized, the clusters become stable crystals of calcite that do not form a hard scale in the systems and water lines.
  • As part of the process of forming the stable crystals carbon dioxide is released into the water which causes a gradual dissolution of the existing scale.

So where does the scale go? She just stays in the water, where she should be. The scale in the water is a mineral that includes calcium and magnesium and is not harmful to health. We drink it anyway and it helps us with the addition of calcium and other minerals to the body.
Also, limescale-free water is considered soft (acidic) water which is not recommended for drinking.

What is the economic result of not treating tartar?

Although scale is healthy and we need to keep it in our drinking water, it certainly causes problems that cost money and first and foremost is the power consumption.

According to various professional calculations in Israel and around the world, every mm of scale on an electric heating element increases energy consumption as follows:

  • 1 mm scale - 7% overconsumption in energy.
  • 3 mm scale - Overconsumption of 22% in energy.
  • 6 mm scale - Excessive consumption of 38% in energy.
  • 10 mm scale - 48% overconsumption in energy.

Studies show a direct link between scale buildup and corrosion in drinking water and bacterial inventions and therefore treating and preventing scale buildup in water pipes significantly reduces the chance of bacteria and infections.


Physical treatment of limescale without contact with water The system transmits a unique signal into the water pipe-system on which it is installed, the type of pipe does not affect the signal's transmission ability. The signal causes the minerals in the water, usually calcium and magnesium, to create fire ...

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