Avnix is the domestic model for the average home. Fitting one Avnix protects the boiler, pipes, pumps, and appliances from the problematic build-up of hard limescale and gradually reduces the existing limescale too. The Avnix fits around the pipe, is suitable for all types of pipe material, and works independently of flow rate. This model also protects light commercial appliances like solar hot water panels, ice making machines, and more.

How does it work?

Hydropath technology uses an AC electrical signal to prevent the formation of hard limescale deposits on the surfaces of pipes and equipment.

Limescale is formed from calcium carbonate dissolved in the water in the form of electrically charged ions. When the state of the water changes (the temperature increases or the pressure decreases) then the water becomes supersaturated and the ions precipitate out. The precipitation needs to occur on a "nucleation center" - a start point - and this is provided by the surfaces of pipes and equipment. Limescale therefore forms as a hard solid mass on the surfaces.

With Hydropath Technology, the electrical field manipulates the electrically charged ions and induces them to form clusters (loose collections of ions). Then, when the water is heated, these clusters act as nucleation centers and tiny crystals (5-50 microns) form in suspension in the water. These crystals are washed out of the system by the water flow and the surfaces of pipes and equipment remain clear and scale free.

The benefits of Avnix

  • Prevents hard limescale encrustation
  • Reduces existing limescale over time
  • Saves electricity and gas consumption
  • Easy to install, and retro-fit
  • Very low running costs
  • Fits on any pipe material
  • Green environmentally friendly technology
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