Agriculture and Sewage

Aside from clean water, access to adequate food is a major concern for most people on the planet, making progress in agriculture a global goal. Israel is a major producer and exporter of agricultural products.

Throughout history, this sector has evolved and become of high importance. In various crops, moisture mattresses are used as part of the greenhouse crop process, which poses a challenge to the farmer in maintaining the water quality in the moisture mattress.

Hydroflow systems reduce scale buildup in moisture mattresses and the need to use chemicals. The systems also contribute to the reduction of contaminants in the circulating water of the moisture mattresses.

Sewage treatment plants suffer from strobe accumulation which significantly impairs the function and efficiency of the extruders.
Installing Hydroflow systems will significantly reduce strobe buildup and polymer consumption which will extend the life of mechanical equipment.

Installing Hydroflow systems on RO facilities at the entrance to the membranes will reduce the accumulation of pooling and scale, reduce the need for chemical rinsing, increase the life of the membranes and optimize energy consumption.