Limescale Treatment

How Hydropath technology prevents scale from building-up in pipes and on heating elements The unit induces a unique electric signal into any pipe on which it is installed. These electric waves cause mineral ions to form suspended clusters that turn into stable crystals when temperature or pressure changes occur. The suspended crystals will prevent scale …

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Limescale is formed from calcium carbonate dissolved in the water in the form of electrically charged ions. When the state of the water changes (the temperature increases or the pressure decreases) then the water becomes supersaturated and the ions precipitate out. The precipitation needs to occur on a "nucleation center" – a start point – …

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Bacteria Treatment

How do we treat Bacteria? Bacteria that passes through the water conditioner's ring of ferrites becomes charged by the Hydropath signal. This charge forms a hydration layer of pure water around the cell. Osmosis forces water into the bacteria, creating osmotic pressure, which ruptures the cell membrane and causes the cell to die. In addition …

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Additional Benefits

Corrosion Reduction Current passing along a metal pipe creates a coaxial magnetic field, or “skin effect”, interfering with the electro-chemical reaction necessary for corrosion to take place. Introducing Hydropath Technology to a water system inhibits internal pipe corrosion by up to 65%. Filtration Enhancement and Reduction of Backwashing Hydropath Technology water conditioners flock suspended particles …

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AvnixShare Avnix is the domestic model for the average home. Fitting one Avnix protects the boiler, pipes, pumps, and appliances from the problematic build-up of hard limescale and gradually reduces the existing limescale too. The Avnix fits around the pipe, is suitable for all types of pipe material, and works independent of flow rate. This …

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