Bacteria Treatment

How do we treat Bacteria?

Bacteria that passes through the water conditioner's ring of ferrites becomes charged by the Hydropath signal. This charge forms a hydration layer of pure water around the cell. Osmosis forces water into the bacteria, creating osmotic pressure, which ruptures the cell membrane and causes the cell to die.

In addition to eradication via osmosis, the Hydropath signal interferes with the bacteria cell membrane which causes it to perish.

As the Hydropath signal passes along the pipe, it disrupts the bacteria clinging to the rough inner surface, gradually releasing the biofouling over time.

Removal of Biofouling

Bacteria attaches to pipe and equipment surfaces and form a layer known as biofouling. Over time, the Hydropath signal causes the release of biofouling by agitating the colonies. Released biofouling is flushed or filtered out of the system.

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