Floor / apartment leak detection and monitoring system

Ultimate protection system to prevent damage and waste of water due to improper water flow.
The system detects abnormal water consumption, a pipe explosion, a plumbing problem of a faucet or leaking toilets.
In these cases, the system will automatically shut off the water flow to the property or the water line on which it is installed.
The ALL IN ONE system is an independent system and does not require a wired, internet connection or any wiring and is powered by batteries and is supplied with a ball valve and a flow meter.
The CLM system is a system adapted for home and commercial use and is based on blue and white technology developed in light of the requirements and standards of the Israeli market and meets the requirements of Green Building Standard 5281 designed for apartment or floor installation (in commercial and public buildings) for two models: CLM AIO and CLM+HUB system, which provide a large number of possibilities, such as connection to a flood detector, connection to the system to a main line in the same application and more.
CLM systems run on batteries which eliminates the need for a power connection near the water meter. The battery is replaceable in a simple and easy way and is located at the bottom of the operator.

CLM AIO system

A ball faucet powered by a battery and a flow meter, installed immediately after the water clock, including a gray operator that works independently, without electrical or internet connections. The system will automatically shut off the water tap in the event of a constant flow over 30 minutes which translates to abnormal consumption, leaks or water leaks. Can be opened manually in case of closure by pressing the orange button located on the gray operator.

CLM + HUB system

The system comes with a ball valve powered by a battery and a flow meter, installed immediately after the water clock, including a gray operator operating independently with no electrical connections.
This unit connects to a wired or wireless Internet HUB that connects the gray operator and gives control and monitoring of the system, including:
* Connection to the cloud and from there to the smartphone.
* Sends alerts about abnormal water consumption, temperature, battery status and communication to the smartphone.
* The system shuts off the water in cases of flooding and abnormal consumption as defined by the system.
* You can set a schedule by hours of operation.
* Flood detectors can be connected to the system as an additional means of protection. (at additional cost)
* The system is used as a means of control and measurement of water consumption, flow, temperature, closing and opening of the water, averages of use and monthly consumption.

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