Model I system

Model I system, the most advanced Model system in HYDROFLOW technology, is considered the most powerful system and is suitable for work in industry or applications that require extremely long transmission distances such as kibbutzim, residential towers, wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis treatment, hotels, sheltered housing, hospitals and more.
Suitable for installation on all types of piping, ranging in size from 35 mm to 200 mm.

HYDROFLOW systems are a patented product that has been very successful around the world and in the UK, the home country. The product is marketed by leading companies in the world as a main product for the treatment of limescale in central heating systems, storage tanks, cooling towers, heating boilers, heat exchangers, preliminary treatment for RO, treatment of all types of piping and more.

It is important to note that the HYDROFLOW system is a water stabilizer and not a water improver. The terminological difference is very significant, since the HYDROFLOW does not come into contact with the water and does not change the composition of the water at all.

HYDROFLOW technology is a classic example of a green product, which prevents many problems that are caused by limescale and the use of expensive chemicals, thereby also prevents environmental pollution. The installation of the system provides a score in the standard for green building 5281. The product has a safety standard for electricity by the Israel Bureau of Standards and is approved by the Ministry of Health. In addition, the product has other international standards.

How It Works:

The HYDROFLOW system generates a unique signal at AM frequencies of about 150 KHZ up and down the water flow for ranges of hundreds of meters. The transmission is carried out at random breaks in decreasing sine waves at a variable rate, to allow treatment of the entire range of salts in the water.

The presence of HYDROFLOW's single forms crystallization nuclei in saturated solution, as well as in unsaturated solutions. This process attracts charged ions and creates stable crystallization nuclei. The gravity of these nuclei increases as more ions join and a stable crystal is formed.

These crystals flow in water as a suspended solid without settling on the walls of the pipe. As a result, the level of solution saturated with water decreases and a process of dissolving existing limescale in the pipeline develops, until the lines and hot water systems are cleaned.

So where does the scale go?

She just stays in the water, where she should be. The origin of tartar is in essential salts in water such as calcium and magnesium. We drink them anyway and they help us with the addition of calcium and other minerals to the body.
The systems are externally installed on the pipe and do not require maintenance or replacement of components, they operate for a long time, are environment friendly and do not use chemicals.

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