Leak detection and monitoring system on main meter


Smart main system FLOW-O - system for monitoring and detecting leaks to the main line:
A smart system that knows how to detect abnormal consumption that can result from large leaks in the water supply system or overuse and warn about it.
The system sends alerts about usage anomalies through a smart and free app that can be installed on cell phones. The app allows a large number of different options and settings for notification, use and more…
The system connects to wired or wireless Internet and transmits via RF to the water meter with a remote reading installed at the entrance line to the building, to which a transmitter working on batteries is connected, which eliminates the need for an electrical connection.

The batteries need to be replaced once every two years (a notification will be sent to the app if necessary).
Simple tracking of hourly, daily and monthly consumption.
No monthly cost or maintenance!

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