The Technology

The HYDROFLOW system uses the electrical conductivity of the water and induces a unique but harmless signal of about KHZ150 in piping systems of any type or material up and down the water flow.

The transmission is carried out at random breaks in fading sine waves, to allow treatment of the entire range of salts in water, in bacteria and in biofilm.
The presence of the HYDROFLOW signal creates crystallization nuclei in saturated solution, as well as in unsaturated solutions.
This process attracts charged ions and forms microscopic stable crystallization nuclei. The gravity of these nuclei increases as more ions join and a stable crystal is formed.

The crystals flow in the water as a suspension without settling on the walls of the pipe, as a result of which the level of solution saturated with water decreases and a process of dissolving existing limescale in the piping develops, until the lines are completely cleaned.

Installing a HYDROFLOW system is external, simple and does not require cutting of the piping. The soaking of the signal into the water is performed by a special transmitter connected to a ring of ferrites. The signal is present in the water along the entire piping and provides constant protectionthat is not conditioned on capacity or flow rate. The installed system model is determined by the diameter of the piping and the size or scope of the requirement.