Avnix - HS38

The Avnix is an electronic device designed for home use and based on HYDROFLOW technology. The Avnix prevents limescale deposits in the washing machine, dishwasher, heating boiler and all household plumbing.
The Avnix is composed externally on top of one of the water pipes in the house, and continuously induces a low electric field that affects the natural salts that are present in the water. The electric field causes and encourages the formation of crystallization nuclei, on which calcium and magnesium ions accumulate the limescale factors. Once formed, these crystals continue to float in the water, allowing them to be easily washed away with the current, without being able to accumulate and sink on the walls of the pipes and heaters.

So where does the limescale go? It just stays in the water, where it should be. The origin of limescale is in essential salts that are not dissolved in water. We drink them anyway and they help us by adding calcium and other minerals to our body.

The Avnix is based on an advanced technology called HYDROFLOW, which is patented in dozens of countries around the world. This system was developed by the British company Hydropath. The giant British Gas Company, which supplies hot water all over the UK, uses HYDROFLOW in its water systems.
The system meets European and Canadian safety standards. The electrical system of the device was also tested by the Israel Bureau of Standards. The production processes in the factory are computerized and meet the ISO 9000 standard.

How It Works?

The HYDROFLOW system induces an electric current at AM frequencies averaging KHZ150 up and down the water flow. The transmission is carried out at random breaks in fading sine waves, to allow treatment of the entire range of salts in the water. The presence of the HYDROFLOW electric field creates crystallization nuclei in saturated solution, as well as in unsaturated solutions. This process attracts charged ions and creates stable crystallization nuclei. The gravity of these nuclei increases as more ions join and a stable crystal is formed. The crystals are between 5-50 microns in size and flow in water as a suspension without settling on the sides of the pipe. As a result, the level of solution saturated with water decreases and a process of dissolving existing limescale in the piping develops, until the lines are completely cleaned.

Advantages of the Avnix

Prevents limescale damage in home plumbing and appliances.
Treats existing limescale over time.
Suitable for all types of piping.
Money savings in electricity and gas consumption.
Easy and simple installation.
Green and environmentally friendly technology.
Does not require regular maintenance.


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